With its rich natural beauty and lush green surroundings, the north eastern state of Meghalaya, also known as the ‘abode of clouds’ is home to some stunning and spectacular waterfalls. The waterfalls of Meghalaya cascade down a great height into the steep mountain and are major tourist attractions. Discussed elaborately below are some of the popular places of Meghalaya:

Phe Phe Falls is one such beautiful waterfall located in Shkentalang, Meghalaya. This waterfall is situated in Meghalaya’s West Jaintia Hills District, adjacent to the little village of Jarain. Its breathtaking beauty in the backdrop of blue shades of sky and the ribbon of hills makes this place a popular tourist destination in Meghalaya. This is on the grounds that these falls are excluded from the famous traveler visits and is an unlikely treasure of Meghalaya. Phe Phe waterfall surrounded by lush green hills on all sides is also known as Paradise waterfall. It is located in Meghalaya’s West Jaintia Hills District, alongside the little village of Jarain. This place, which is just a few kilometers north of Krangsuri Falls, is hidden even to the locals. Meghalaya is a genuine gold mine and If you are watching out for journey close to Meghalaya, make a beeline for Phe cascades and experience the entrancing excellence of nature.

The Thlumuwi Falls is situated in the Jaintia Hills District on the Jowai Amlarem Road. A gravelled footpath has been built here for the visitors. Thlumuwiis famous for a stone bridge built by U Mar Phalyngki and U LuhLamare under the orders of the Jaintia King. Because of the rise of the Muwistream during the monsoons a bridge was required to be built for the King’s journey from Jaintiapur to Nartiang. The bridge was constructed of huge well-hewngranite stone slabs perched on equally similar pillars. The bank of Thlumuwi stream with the cascading MuwiFalls which overlook the stone bridge presents a memorable scenic view to every visitor

The Tyrshi Falls is located in Jaintia hills District on the Shillong Jowai Road. This fall is located about 5 km from Jowai. A span of green paddy fields located nearby has been well connected by an arch bridge that leads to the mesmerising Pynthor or paddy-fields below. Tyrshi Falls is another one of the little-known treasures of Meghalaya. It is situated alongside the Jowai-Shillong Road. The beautiful falls come down in steps with the water gushing swiftly looking like an enormous white veil. The falls are connected by an arched bridge, consisting of more than 20 hundred steps, which go down to the bottom of the falls.

Located in Jaintia hills District in the Amlarem Civil Sub Division, the Krang Suri Falls is regarded as one of the most beautiful waterfall of the District. The District Administration has taken steps to enhance the beauty of the spot. Chiselled and gravelled footpaths have been laid here.

A beautiful river with crystal clear waters, Dawki is one of the most picture-perfect spots you’ll find in Meghalaya. Travellers love spending a day outing here, especially boating in the pretty surroundings. Dawki is a small town in the Jaintia Hills and is a border town between India and Bangladesh. The small town, besides being a trade hub is also famous for its tourism, with many people flocking to the town in order to experience a boat ride in its famed Umngot River and enjoy the nearby sights and sounds. The Umngot River, also known as the Dawki river, marks a natural separation between the Kashi and the Jaintia Hills and its crystal clear water flows directly into Bangladesh.

Shnongpdeng Village is 8 km north of Dawki along the winding Umngot. With waters so clear, you can peer into the bottom and count the stones – that is how the Umngot River can be described during the peak pre-monsoon, autumn, and winter seasons. Whether you want to enjoy a gentle boat ride through a stretch flanked by forests or you want to take a dip into the river in scuba gear, the activities in Shnongpdeng will keep you occupied for days. Shnongpdeng is an adventure destination with several activities being hosted in the vicinity there. Serving as a border for India from Bangladesh, the Umngot river is one of the main attractions and source of the water activities that are held there. Float on top of the crystal clear river and listen to the water soothingly flow to Bangladesh. Plan an overnight trip with your friends and let nature sink in into you while you enjoy a pleasant stay at the riverside camping site.Camping, swimming, and fishing are some of the fun outdoor activities in Shnongpdeng. You can indulge in one of the most thrilling ziplines and rappel down one of the many striking rock formations that line up the Umngot

Meghalaya ia famous for its living room bridges which exist in Cherrapunjee’s rainforest. The living root bridges of Meghalaya are probably the most unique feats of primitive bio-engineering in the world. Hidden deep in the lush, green forests of the wettest place in India: Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya; one can find the magnificent Jingkieng Nongriat Double Decker Living Root Bridge; more commonly known as the Umshiang Double Decker Living Root Bridge or simply just the Double Decker Root Bridge. This area is famous for root bridges made of Indian Rubber Tree, but the Double Decker Bridge is the most famous of all due to its large size. It is 3 kilometers long and placed at a height of 2400 feet! A unique attraction and quite an innovative mix of nature and engineering. The Umshiang River flows beneath the bridge. The local tribe of Khasis is to be credited with helping towards the creation of this feat of nature. They noticed the strong roots of the Indian Rubber Tree growing near their village of Laitkynsew. These types of ancient rubber trees grow only in the Northeast region of India, which is why the root bridges are so famous here. The roots are ‘trained’ by the villagers to shape into a bridge. This training is done by pulling the roots and twisting them or braiding them in the required direction. But, the bridges cannot be used immediately after shaping. The roots require at least 15 years to grow strong enough to withstand the weight of people walking across it since that is the actual purpose of the bridge. This natural bridge is said to be over 500 years old and only 50 people can use the bridge at once.

At a distance of 18 km from Cherrapunji, Rainbow falls is a serene waterfalls located near Nongriat village in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. Situated near Double Decker Root Bridge, it is one of the famous waterfalls in Meghalaya and among the popular places to visit in Cherrapunji. Secluded deep within the forest, the falls got its name because one will see small rainbow near the waterfall due to sun rays. The waterfall drops down into the pool wearing the natural rainbow sashay with pride. The path to Rainbow Falls though defined is not cemented and is a mix of alternating ascents and descents. The trek to the Rainbow Falls starts from Nongriat Double Decker Bridge and it will take 1 to 2 hours to complete the trek. The Double Decker Living Root Bridge in Nongriat village is accessible only by trek from Tyrna village. One needs to reach Tyrna by bus or cab. It is a 3 km challenging hike which includes around 3500 odd concrete steps one way. The total trek takes around 5 to 6 hours to complete. One needs to wear comfortable shoes, and also carry enough snacks, water and medicine while trekking to Rainbow Falls. Guides are mandatory to this trek and are available at Tyrna village. Better to finish the trek before 5 PM as it becomes dark early in Meghalaya.

Mawryngkhang Trek or The Bamboo Trek is a popular trek in the Wahkhen Ville of Meghalaya. The trek is also known by the name of “Bamboo Trek” as the whole trek is done walking over the bamboo rafts. The end of the trek leads to a hilltop known as Mawryngkhang, who, according to Khasi folklore, is the “Kings of Stone.” The Mawryngkhang Trek starts from Wahkhen Village, which lies in the Pynursla Tehsil of East Khasi Hills district in Meghalaya. It is just 42 km from Shillong, and the closest village is Pomlum. To reach Mawryngkhang from Wahkhen, you have to walk down the mountain.

Cherrapunji, southern Meghalaya state. It is located on the Shillong Plateau about 35 miles (55 km) southwest of Shillong the state capital. Cherrapunji or Sohra is a subdivisional town (Proposed District) East Khasi Hills District in the Indian State of Meghalaya. It is the traditional capital of Khasi tribal kingdom.



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